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Need to valuate your biogas into bio-methane ?

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Biogas is a gas produced during anaerobic fermentation of organic products. It consists mainly of methane and carbonic gas. Other gases can be present in small quantities like hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide and water vapour but also dusts and siloxanes.


The biogas must be purified to constitute bio-methane (97% of methane) before injection in natural gas network or using as fuel in industrial or agricultural engines. Mainly, it is necessary to eliminate the carbon dioxide and water vapour to achieve the 97% of methane minimum ( injection in natural gas network) or 85% (NGV : Natural Gas for Vehicles).

Our Solution

Kempro Environnement proposes his UVB process (Biogas Valuation Unit). This patented process involves four or five stages depending on the level of pressure needed for the biogas delivery :

- Desulphurization in activated carbon under atmospheric pressure to eliminate hydrogen sulphide and siloxanes.

- A first washing of biogas with pressurized water to eliminate carbon dioxide.

- A second washing water under pressure for the gas rejected by the first washing. This allows to recover almost all methane from the biogas.

- Dewatering with a cooler and molecular sieve to eliminate residual water.

- Compression in case of injection in a high-pressure network or high-pressure tank for NGV.

In option, we propose carbon dioxide treatment to produce a liquid food grade CO2 or a gaseous CO2 for local agriculture.