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Need to concentrate methane in your biogas flow ?


Biogas is a gas produced during anaerobic fermentation of organic products. It consists mainly of methane and carbonic gas and it feeds often an engine associated with alternator producing electricity. This cogenerators producing heat and electricity are performing to their best effectiveness with a biogas containing more than 85% of methane. With a lower methane content, the cogenerators produce more heat (high exhaust gas temperature) and lose in mechanical efficiency. This caused more frequent shutdowns for maintenance.


Biomethane quality


Our solution

Kempro Environnement offers its BCU process (Biogas Concentration Unit).

This patented process involves three stages :

- Desulphurization in activated carbon
- Washing of biogas with pressurized water for the decarbonization of biogas
- Depressurisation of the water to be decarbonized and recycle

Kempro Environnement offers an optional treatment for dioxide carbon valuation. It's possible to product a liquid food grade CO2 but also to produce a gaseous CO2 for local agriculture.

Operating principle