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The ring-type KAPPA have been specially designed for optimum distribution of liquid on the packing. This results in better mass transfer between the liquid and the gas phase. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring low loss and a significant rate of watering.

We offer two sizes of rings:

KAPPA-1 (28mm)

KAPPA-2 (55mm)

Different types of materials can be used:

PP30FV: polypropylene fiber glass,

PP20T: polypropylene talc (20%),

PP: Polypropylene Homopolymer 1, choice,

PE: Polyethylene 1st choice,

PVDF: polyvinylidene fluoride

This packing has the advantage of being an easy implementation.



Principle of operation

The liquid effluent waters the rings arranged in bulk, while the steam rises against the current. The rings provide an exchange surface between the two phases, allowing the transfer of material.


Installation and implementation

In a column, the packing is based on a grid-support, allowing the steam to penetrate to the base of the bed of rings by spreading the best veins in the lining fluids.

A liquid dispenser must be mounted at the top of packing for optimum distribution of the liquid rings.

Re-distributors are also required when the total height of 5 m above the pile.

A support grid supports all restraint and a grid can be mounted to prevent the bed from rising if operator error.



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